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12909 Foothill Blvd
Sylmar, CA 91342
 Los Angeles, CA
Now offering THE BASEMENT PG - no actors, no scares

Pick An Escape Room Experience

Four hair raising los angeles escape rooms to choose from.
The Basement
up to 8 players
45 minutes
live performer
A non-linear escape game with a funnel-like solve process.
The Elevator Shaft
up to 4 players
45 minutes
A linear escape game with mostly tactile puzzles.
The Study
 2023 Staff Pick
up to 8 players
45 minutes
live performer
A linear escape game with tactile and logic puzzles.
The Courtyard
Highest Production Value
up to 8 players
45 minutes
live performer
A non-linear escape game with heavy story elements.
Dead and Breakfast
up to 8 players
4+ hours
live performers
ALL FOUR EXPERIENCES... with pastries and fresh fruit!
Play all four hair-raising experiences back to back in a private VIP setting.
escape room in los angeles ca - the basement

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this?

The basement has the best escape room experiences in the los angeles area. It's unique, thrilling and heavily themed puzzles will challenge you in ways that you can only imagine! Our brave guests are locked inside of a story with the goal being to find clues or unravel secrets before time runs out. Will you escape?

What is an escape room?

You'll never think about reality the same way again after experiencing an escape room! Picture being trapped in a basement with only your wits to get out. Every clue points towards something much more dangerous waiting just around each corner for unsuspecting victims who aren't sure whether they should continue onward or turn back before it is too late... The goal of the game is for you to find clues and hidden items in order unlock a door which will allow your team access to escape. Are you ready to escape The Basement? Click here for a more detailed description of what an escape room is! If this is your first escape room experience, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. Will you escape the room?

Wait, is this a haunted house?

No, at our escape games you're not just walking through a spooky maze. You'll need to use your skills and creativity in order complete objectives before time runs out! Escape rooms are a lot of fun because they make you think and use your wits. You'll need to be creative if something happens that could stop or delay progress in the game and work as a team to successfully escape!

How much do escape rooms cost?

The most common price point ranges from $36 per person with 2-person minimums and 8 maximums on teams sizes; depending on which room you wish to escape from and how many people are in your party (and what day) will determine what rate you actually end up paying.

How long does an escape room last?

An escape room can take anywhere from around 45 minutes to over an hour. For information about escape room la times or difficulty level, please contact us by clicking here.

Where in Los Angeles CA is The Basement located?

Our Los Angeles CA escape rooms are located in Sylmar, which is only 30 minutes from Culver City, Vermont Ave, and Santa Monica Blvd; or 60 minutes from Magic Kingdom and the Disney/Anaheim area. Whether you are in West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Downtown, Koreatown, Culver City, or Santa Monica Blvd, our scary escape rooms are only a short drive away.

How far is The Basement from Magic Kingdom?

We are located only an hour away from Magic Kingdom or 30 minutes from Santa Monica Blvd or Vermont Ave in Los Angeles CA.

What is an escape room like?

It's like playing the most immersive video game of your life. You and friends will be immersed in a story we've created for you, where critical thinking skills are needed to solve interesting puzzles as teams! Learn more about what an escape room is like here!

Are these experiences scary?

This is a point of emphasis for us. We don't rely on cheap jump-scares or gorey shock tactics, instead creating an immersive and fun puzzle driven experience with horror elements and other scare factors that can be considered frightening but not payoff into bodily harm (unless you're someone who enjoys being scared out their wits). This creeping sense unease will make you feel like anything can happen when walking into dark rooms and spaces.

What if I get stuck on a puzzle?

You may not ask for clues. Our resident serial killer, Edward Tandy will provide help at his discretion. It depends on how much he wants with his food.

Are there live actors and other scare factors?

Our rooms will contain gore, live actors, pop-outs, and other scare factors to send chills down your spine.

What if I get too scared?

If at any time during your experience, you no longer wish to participate, you are welcome to leave your game. We pride ourselves on our empathetic and kind staff who are prepared to assist with any spooked guests. Please note that no refunds or reschedules will be available to guests who tap out of their experience.

Are you really locked in an escape room?

Absolutely! The escape room doors are locked from the moment your game starts. For the comfort and safety of our guests, there are “Panic Buttons” located near the entry of each room. If pressed, these buttons will unlock the doors automatically so that you may exit the room safely.

What should I wear or bring an escape room?

We recommend that you dress in regular clothes. Most people wear jeans and a t-shirt but you can dress however you want!

best escape room in los angeles

Events at The Basement

The Basement is one of the most highly recommended and top rated escape games in Los Angeles for you to enjoy. With escape games full of mystery and incredible storytelling, you'll hardly want the adventure to end. But that's the challenge, isn't it?
Birthday Parties

Our Los Angeles escape room is always a great experience for a birthday party extravaganza and super fun memories are the best gift you can give! The Basement escape room Los Angeles can take your private event and make it a top notch evening you'll never forget.

Corporate Events

Want to work on your team building skills in Los Angeles but add a bit of adventure into the mix? You'll love our corporate events! Bring your colleagues to the best escape room in LA to solve puzzles and play games as all the clues start to align your collective thinking hats. We promise you'll have a great time and learn a lot about how your team works together!

Family Events

Make it a family night as friends and families get to solve puzzles and coax game masters for hints. Try out the Elevator Shaft or visit other rooms to play logic puzzles and experience scary game plots until time runs out. Either way, your evening is guaranteed to take an exciting leap once you've escaped successfully and back into the streets of Los Angeles.

Bachelor Parties

Looking for a good time for your Bachelor Party? Search through the world of maze rooms and non traditional puzzles in our uniquely situated escape room's los angeles location. And expect great things for those who manage to beat the set time limit and blast through. All before your special events to come!

Romantic Dates

Escape rooms are gaining popularity, a fantastic time, and make for a unique date experience. But with our escape room's los angeles location, adults can enjoy an evening of critical thinking and fun games as they play the rooms and discover how to escape the quest rooms as a team. Play all four escape rooms and let us know your favorite room!

Best Escape Rooms in LA

Established in 2014, THE BASEMENT presents a unqiue and interactive live-action adventure game experience in which players like you and your friends, family or coworkers, become active participants in our immersive stories, and must work as a team to solve intriguing problems, escape from precarious situations, and unravel the plot before time runs out!

Recently voted as one of the top rated escape rooms in Los Angeles, we’re proud to offer other rooms: 4 different unique, thrilling, and captivating physical games, all set in different parts of Edward Tandy's house. So if you’re a thrill-seeker in the Greater Los Angeles area, we’re happy to provide you some of the most exciting, engaging, and obstacle-driven escape rooms in LA.

Inspired by your favorite horror movies, video games, and television shows, each room in the serial killer's house takes you on a high-action quest that is completely immersive and extraordinarily realistic. , Anything is possible on the Tandy compound, and if you want to make it out alive, you'll need to keep your head on straight.

It all started when Kayden (our company's creative director) visited his first escape room in Las Vegas in 2013, and very quickly became obsessed with the idea of a time-sensitive, fully-immersive game that can be tailored to any theme and story. He and our team have worked tirelessly to create our own escape rooms in Los Angeles. We no longer have to search for escape rooms near me, because we’ve enrolled some of the finest engineers and writers to make the highest-rated and most immersive escape rooms all over LA.

For the adventurers and thrill-seekers alike, it’s time to try The Basement and join us in our infatuation with these captivating escape rooms.

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