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The Story - A tortured tale of a tortured soul.

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3440 Polaris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
 Las Vegas, NV
One block off the strip - 5-min cab ride

In the winter of 1972 Edward was born to Virginia W. Tandy-Winthrop, a retired wartime nurse now working at the local hospital, and James P. Tandy, a coalmine worker in West Orange, New Jersey. On the morning of Edward’s 4th birthday, his father was killed in a violent accident that took place in the mines near their small rural home. Edward was devastated by his father’s death, but it was his mother who took it the hardest.

Virginia left her job at the local hospital and took up a new hobby - taxidermy. Her first project manifested in the family dog Giblet (or “Gibby” as Edward fondly called him). One day, when Edward arrived home from school, he found his mother bent over the living room table, her hands covered in blood, a needle and thread in one, and a large steak knife in the other. She had made some amateur mistakes, but was able to preserve Gibby for the most part. When Edward asked why she had done something so horrible to the family hound, she happily replied “Your father told me that it was his time, boy,” with a smile on her face.

Many times Edward’s mother tried to convince him to take part in her new hobby, and when he refused, she would call him weak, wimpy, and ill-prepared for the “horrible world that festered outside.” She would often beat him and burn him with lit cigarettes. Edward loved his mother in spite of her hallucinations, temper, and her new “hobby.” Through her dead husband’s words that echoed in her head, she was told to “teach them a lesson” and to “find the unique ones and spare them.”

When Edward was 19 years old, his mother developed a brain tumor and died 2 years later. Her last dying wish was for him to carry on her legacy in trying to bring a twisted sense of justice to the world. Edward went equally insane upon his mother’s death and became obsessed with mechanical engineering, taxidermy, and death itself. Within his obsessions, he came up with horrible ways to carry out his mother’s plans with animal victims as well as human ones.

You are Edward’s most recent victim... will you be spared?

Choose Your Experience
Two hair raising escape experiences to choose from.
The Basement
up to 8 players
45 minutes
live performer
A non-linear escape game with a funnel-like solve process.
The Study
 2023 Staff Pick
up to 8 players
45 minutes
live performer
A linear escape game with tactile and logic puzzles.
Tandy After Dark
up to 8 players
2+ hours
live performers
BOTH EXPERIENCES... in the dead of night!
Play both hair-raising experiences back to back in a private VIP setting at 1AM.
Dead and Breakfast
up to 8 players
2+ hours
live performers
BOTH EXPERIENCES... with pastries and fresh fruit!
Play both hair-raising experiences back to back in a private VIP setting.