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Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to frequently asked questions about The Basement.

Business Hours

  • FRI-SUN:
  • 3:30PM - 10:45PM
  • 11:45AM - 10:45PM
3440 Polaris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
 Las Vegas, NV
One block off the strip - 5-min cab ride

The Basement is a live Escape Room experience. We specialize in unique and thrilling, heavily themed puzzle solving adventures. Our brave guests are locked inside of a story with the goal of discovering clues and unraveling secrets to solve their way to safety.

An escape room is an immersive, interactive experience where guests are locked in a room filled with puzzles, clues, and hidden items, with one goal in mind: ESCAPE! Or in our case, SURVIVE! If you would like a more detailed description, check out our blog post on the subject!

No, at an escape room, the guests (or victims) are an active part of the experience; we ask a little more of you than to merely walk through a spooky maze. To complete your objectives before the clock ticks down to zero, you will need to engage with the room and its contents.

Yes and No. Our focus is to create an immersive and fun, puzzle-driven experience for our guests. That being said, the stories we tell through our games contain horror elements and can be considered frightening or upsetting. We don’t rely on cheap jump-scares or gorey shock-factors. We instead create a creeping sense of unease, that anything may happen when you walk into the dark.

If at any time during your experience, you no longer wish to participate, you are welcome to leave your game. We pride ourselves on our empathetic and kind staff who are prepared to assist with any spooked guests. Please note that no refunds or reschedules will be available to guests who tap out of their experience.

3440 Polaris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Our parking lot is on the North Side of our building. There is also nearby street parking.

COVID-19 Related Questions

At The Basement, we take safety very seriously. We are doing everything in our power to create an escape from reality that you can feel good about. Between games, every puzzle, prop, and surface are sanitized to reduce the risk of cross-contact contamination. Read more about all of our efforts on our COVID-19 Safety Protocols page.

At this time, all of our experiences are private. You won’t be playing with additional guests. Your group will only be sharing the room with a live actor/performer. Social distancing from your actor is required and will not impact the playability of your game.

Player Information

Please arrive AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED START TIME. This is NECESSARY time that must be allotted for pregame preparations. DO NOT BE LATE, if you arrive after your start time, you have forfeited your game and will not be refunded or rescheduled.

No one under the age of 12 will be admitted. For guests aged 12-17, please see further details on the room reservation pages. There are important steps that must be followed for these underage guests to participate, no exceptions will be made.

Yes, for your safety, the safety of our actors and property, you must sign a waiver before your experience begins. We recommend filling them out before your arrival; there is a link in your confirmation email to do so.

If any Basement Staff Member observes a guest that is noticeably impaired or disruptive, we reserve the right to deny entry or services without a refund. We recommend celebrating your victory or demise AFTER your experience, not before.

This is entirely at the discretion of the guest. There are moments of great intensity and stress in our games and it is very possible you will become startled or frightened. We recommend that you sit this one out, but if you do decide to play, please give your host a heads-up!

The Basement is wheelchair accessible, however there may be small areas within the game that are not, this will not impact playability. The Study is not wheelchair accessible.


Your in-room time clock will allow for 45 minutes of game time. Accounting for pregame paperwork and postgame picture-taking, prepare to spend about an hour and fifteen minutes with us.

You may not ask for clues. Our resident serial killer, Edward Tandy will provide help at his discretion. It depends on how much he wants with his food.

Yes, the doors are locked from the moment your game begins. For the comfort and safety of our guests, there are “Panic Buttons” located near the entry door to each room. If pressed, these buttons will automatically unlock the doors so that you may exit the room safely.

Yes, we have actors inside AND possibly outside the rooms as well. The actors may touch you, but never in an aggressive or innapropriate way. NO, you may not touch them. ANY touching or abusing of the actors (verbal, physical, or otherwise) will result in an immediate Game Over and you will be asked to leave the premises.

No, although our experiences do have a running story throughout, our rooms can be played in any order.

Our immersive experiences are designed to engage and thrill, incorporating intense scenarios, strobe lighting, theatrical fog, and significant sound levels. These elements can potentially affect guests with sensitivities or certain health conditions. We advise individuals who may experience discomfort or adverse reactions from these conditions to consider their participation carefully. Your safety and enjoyment are paramount to us. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have specific concerns or require further information.

You get to ESCAPE WITH YOUR LIVES!!! But seriously, all of our guests leave with a complimentary digital group photo, bragging rights for the winners, and a thrilling story to tell their friends. We also offer a 20% off “Re-Booking Discount” if you purchase your next experience with our Front Desk Host before you leave. Stylish and comfortable merchandise options are available for purchase at a 20% discount at the front desk as well.


Both of our rooms currently hold a maximum of 8 guests.

Our recommendation is to split your group evenly and play two separate rooms during similar time slots. If you have twelve people, six can play The Basement and six can play The Study. If you need assistance booking adjacent rooms, contact us!

We ask that you please leave an hour between the end time of your first game and the start time of your next, that way there is no risk of overlapping your time slots. Example: Your first booking is at 5:30. The next booking available to you can start any time after 6:30. Contact Us if you have any questions.

To book your desired experience, time-slot, and date, you must make your reservation on our website. We want to ensure that our rooms and showtimes are available to guests who are committed to their booking. We’ve been burned before with the promise of cash at the door. Thank you for understanding, it’s really best for everyone! If cash is your only option, we are happy to create a reservation for you in person during our posted business hours.

Check out our Experiences page to choose the game you would like to play. Select the number of players, the game and location of your choice, and the timeslot you would like to reserve. Select the red, “Book” button. Fill out your personal information, and reserve your booking by paying in full.

All of our experiences are private at this time!

If you are looking to add guests to your current reservation, contact us for assistance. We are happy to help, just be sure that your additional players do not exceed room capacity.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate special booking times. The minimum purchase is One Full Room, booked to capacity. These outside-hours experiences may be booked anytime not included on our current schedule and even on otherwise closed business days. Contact us for more information.

Absolutely we do! They are the perfect gift for puzzle enthusiasts, thrill seekers, horror fanatics, creative date-nighters, grandparents, aquaphobic scuba divers, and mortal enemies alike! Click here for purchase options.

If you received your Gift Voucher digitally, follow the “How to Redeem This Voucher” link in the email. If you have a physical Gift Voucher, upon reservation check out, underneath your order total, there is an “Enter Code” prompt with which to enter your uniquely printed code.

When Things Go Wrong

No late arrivals will be allowed to enter a game after its start time. We have a very tight scheduling system that cannot accommodate guests who do not arrive on time. Please account for traffic and travel plans as no refunds or rescheduling options will be provided.

You MUST contact us AT LEAST 3 days (72 hours) before your reservation begins. Without a full 72 hours notice, we will be unable to reschedule your booking. Please double check your schedules when making a reservation with us!

Provided you are outside of the 72 hour rescheduling cut-off (as described above), the easiest way to reschedule is by giving us a call during normal operating hours and a host will assist you. Your confirmation email also contains a link to edit your reservation.

We have a strict NO REFUND policy. All sales are final and nonrefundable. If you would like to cancel your booking or are unable to make your reservation, we would appreciate a phone call to let us know.

IMPORTANT: We love when our guests are well-researched and excited about our experiences. It’s very important to know what you’re getting into BEFORE purchasing tickets. Thanks for reading our FAQ, that’s a great place to start!

Choose Your Experience
Two hair raising escape experiences to choose from.
The Basement
up to 8 players
45 minutes
live performer
A non-linear escape game with a funnel-like solve process.
The Study
 2023 Staff Pick
up to 8 players
45 minutes
live performer
A linear escape game with tactile and logic puzzles.
Tandy After Dark
up to 8 players
2+ hours
live performers
BOTH EXPERIENCES... in the dead of night!
Play both hair-raising experiences back to back in a private VIP setting at 1AM.
Dead and Breakfast
up to 8 players
2+ hours
live performers
BOTH EXPERIENCES... with pastries and fresh fruit!
Play both hair-raising experiences back to back in a private VIP setting.