How Many Escape Rooms Movies Are There?

How Many Escape Rooms Movies Are There?

There are two main “Escape Room” movies that have been released as part of a series. The first movie, “Escape Room,” was released in 2019, and its sequel, “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions,” was launched in 2021. These films focus on the thrilling and suspenseful experiences of individuals who find themselves in life-threatening escape rooms. It’s worth noting that there are also many other films in the escape room category, exploring similar themes of suspense and survival. There are more deadly escape rooms in the genre with death traps galore. Like in the saw movies for instance.

Best Escape Room Movies

The genre of escape room movies, while niche, has witnessed a surge in popularity over recent years, providing thrilling cinematic experiences marked by suspense, drama, and strategic problem-solving. Some of the top escape room movies include:

  1. Escape Room (2019): Directed by Adam Robitel, this movie showcases a group of people maneuvering through a series of deadly mystery rooms.
  2. Saw (2004): Although not a traditional escape room movie, James Wan’s Saw set the pace for the genre, presenting a chilling game of life and death.
  3. Cube (1997): A cult classic, Cube is a Canadian science fiction horror film where characters wake up in a maze-like cubical structure and must find a way out.

These films represent the best of the escape room genre, combining moments of intense suspense with mind-bending puzzles.

Some More Examples

  1. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021): A sequel to the 2019 film, this movie elevates the stakes as survivors of previous escape room horrors are put through a new series of deadly games.
  2. Saw II (2005): The Saw series continued to contribute to the escape room genre with this sequel, which saw victims navigating a house filled with lethal traps.
  3. Fermat’s Room (2007): This Spanish thriller takes the escape room concept and injects a mathematical twist, as four mathematicians must solve puzzles to prevent the walls of the room from closing in.
  4. Exam (2009): While not a traditional escape room movie, the setup of eight candidates locked in a room for a job interview and given a series of cryptic instructions fits the psychological tension common to the genre.
  5. Saw IV (2007): Continuing the tradition of the Saw series, this installment presents a new protagonist trapped in a series of rooms, each with its unique and gruesome test.
  6. Panic Room (2002): This thriller sees a mother and daughter trapped in their panic room while burglars attempt to break in. While not an escape room movie per se, it still presents the theme of being trapped and using logic to survive.

Overall, these are just a few examples of the many escape room movies that have been released over the years. Whether you’re a fan of intense survival thrillers or enjoy solving puzzles, there’s bound to be an escape room movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So why not give one a try and see if you can escape with your wits intact?

The Escape Room Franchise

The Escape Room franchise, which started with the release of the 2019 film, has undeniably cemented its position as a central pillar of the deadly escape room genre. Directed by Adam Robitel, the first film captivated audiences with its psychological tension and introduced innovative room designs that breathed new life into the genre. As it gained tremendous success at the box office, the franchise expanded with the release of its highly anticipated sequel, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021). In this thrilling continuation, survivors of previous escape room horrors are confronted with a fresh set of intricate and deadly challenges, pushing them to their limits once again.

What sets the Escape Room franchise apart is its ability to consistently raise the stakes, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Combining suspense, high-intensity drama, and clever puzzle-solving, the franchise delivers a captivating experience that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish. Its profound impact on the escape room genre cannot be overstated, as it sets a remarkably high bar for other films within the genre to aspire to.

Should You Watch Escape Room?

Whether or not you should watch the Escape Room series largely depends on your taste for high-stakes, thrilling cinema. If you find yourself captivated by the idea of characters navigating deadly escape rooms, where life and death scenarios are not only possible but inevitable, this franchise is certainly worth a watch. The Escape Room series is known for its intricate plot, elaborate room designs, and suspenseful storytelling, all set against the backdrop of a seemingly ordinary escape room turned deadly. The films brilliantly capture the visceral fear and adrenaline rush that comes with being trapped in a room, racing against time to solve complex puzzles to survive.

The sequel, “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”, adds another layer of excitement as it brings back survivors of previous escape rooms, raising the stakes even higher. Watching these characters use their past experiences and wits to navigate new challenges is both entertaining and nerve-wracking. So, if you’re intrigued by the blend of suspense, strategy, and survival, the Escape Room series offers an exciting cinematic experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

If You’re A Fan Of Escape Room Movies Why Not Try Out A Real One?

If you’re a fan of escape room movies, why not immerse yourself in the experience by trying out a real one? Escape room attractions provide a thrilling, hands-on experience that’s vastly different from watching it on screen. From elaborate puzzle rooms inspired by your favorite escape room movies to brand-new escape rooms featuring unique storylines and challenges, the options are endless.

One such escape room attraction that is worth checking out is The Basement. Known for its intricate room designs and captivating narratives, The Basement offers a variety of challenging escape room puzzles that test your problem-solving skills to the limit. It’s a fun and exciting way to step into the world of your favorite escape room films. So, whether you’re a seasoned escape artist or a novice looking to try something new, don’t miss the chance to test your wits in a real-life escape room attraction!

The Basement: Live Escape Room Experience

The Basement now has 3 amazing locations across the United States, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Kansas City. Each location brings unique rooms that are inspired by popular escape room movies and feature mind-bending puzzles and challenges. Whether you want to step into Saw II’s deadly house or experience the thrills of solving puzzles in a panic room like in Panic Room (2002), The Basement has something for every escape room enthusiast.

If you think you’re ready to take on the challenge, gather your friends and see if you have what it takes to escape within the time limit. With its realistic sets, immersive storytelling, and challenging puzzles, The Basement offers an exhilarating live escape room experience that’s sure to keep you on your toes. Book a session now and put your puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there 2 different escape room movies?

Yes, there are two primary movies in the “Escape Room” franchise: “Escape Room” (2019) and its sequel “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” (2021). These two films are part of the same series and share a common storyline and characters. However, there are other separate films with an 2escape room theme that are not part of this franchise. Therefore, when referring to “Escape Room” movies, it’s important to differentiate between those that are part of the specific “Escape Room” series and those that simply share the escape room concept.

Which is better escape room 1 or 2?

The preference between “Escape Room” (2019) and “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” (2021) largely depends on individual tastes and what one values in a thriller. Some viewers may prefer the original movie for its novelty and inventive room designs, which introduced the high-stakes escape room concept to a wider audience. The first film was lauded for its intriguing plot, detailed set design, and character development.

Conversely, others might favor the sequel which expanded on the concept with even more complex puzzles and deadly games, heightening the suspense of the franchise. Some fans appreciated the increased intensity and the deeper exploration of the characters who survived the first film. Ultimately, while both movies have their unique strengths, the choice between the two would come down to personal preference.

What’s the best escape room movie?

Determining the best escape room movie can be subjective as it largely depends on personal preferences. However, if one bases the judgment on the combination of suspense, intricate puzzle design, and audience reception, the original “Escape Room” (2019) is often highlighted. This film introduced a renewed concept of the escape room genre to mainstream cinema and captivated audiences with its innovative and deadly room designs, intriguing plotline, and well-developed characters. Its combination of high-intensity drama, psychological tension, and strategic problem-solving set a high standard for future movies in the genre. However, it’s worth mentioning that other films such as “Saw” (2004) and “Cube” (1997) also have their unique strengths and have significantly contributed to the development and popularity of the escape room genre.

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